debut album, Great, available now!

1. Oh Da Dee

2. Lukewarm Love

3. Great

4. Jordan

5. Catchy

6. Praying for War

7. Sinking Sand

8. Over You (Reprise)

9. Over You


Minuscule is the brainchild of ukulelist Laurel Minnes, harnessing the power of a 15 piece all-female choir and an eclectic backing band to create a powerful new form of feminist pop music. Making their debut performance with a sold out set at St. Catharines In the Soil Festival, Minuscule has continually clapped, stomped and meowed their way into winning over every audience they’ve met. Drawing comparisons to the weaving melodies of Imogen Heap and moving experience of Choir!Choir!Choir!, Minuscule’s unforgettable live performances are making choral music cool again.


"At In The Soil Festival in 2018 the group (Minuscule) gave chills to every spine in the room. It was raw. It was beautiful. And it was a refreshing departure from the standard folk act." Whitney Fowler, How to Carry an Amplifier

"Minuscule’s live performance takes you to the church of your highest self. This all female choir is led by the astoundingly talented Laurel Minnes who has masterfully written and arranged her original music. Their live show is a transcendent experience." Sara Palmieri & Annie Wilson, FirstOntario Pac Programming Team




Apr 14, 2023
w/ My Son the Hurricane
The Sanctuary
Ridgeway, ON
Sold Out


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