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1. Oh Da Dee


2. Lukewarm Love


3. Great


4. Jordan


5. Catchy


6. Praying for War


7. Sinking Sand


8. Over You (Reprise)


9. Over You


Laurel Minnes is a Niagara-based performer and songwriter offering fresh choral arrangements and a new force for feminist pop. Harnessing the power of an all-female choir and an eclectic backing band, her project Minuscule released their debut album “Great” in February 2020. The title track secured Minnes’ recognition as Songwriter of the Year at the Niagara Music Awards and was featured on CBC’s Q. Minnes has collaborated with genre-spanning Juno- and Polaris-nominated artists, from wistful indie-folk group Great Lakes Swimmers to epic heavy-metal duo Vile Creature – the latter for which she received a Juno nod for her choral arrangements.


“Minuscule is a very talented and inventive group that seamlessly expresses emotion, authenticity, and inspiration. I would highly recommend them to any Artistic Director looking to elevate their lineup with an exceptional choral group. Their ability to deliver captivating performances and establish genuine connections with the audience makes them a welcome addition to any artistic program.” elly tose, artistic director, live from the rock folk festival

“Minuscule’s live performance takes you to the church of your highest self. This all female choir is led by the astoundingly talented Laurel Minnes who has masterfully written and arranged her original music. Their live show is a transcendent experience.” sara palmieri & annie wilson, firstontario pac programming team




July 21, 2024
Hillside Festival
Hillside Festival, Guelph Ontario
August 17, 2024
Robson Valley Music Festival
Dunster, BC


booking/general inquiries: meow AT minusculemusic.com


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